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Hi there!

I own my own domain http://www.wowsparkles now, so the wordpress account has been moved over there.

See you there!


New Years diner and cinema

Yesterday my love and I went for a Happy New Years diner in ‘all you can eat’ restaurant Kaiseki in the centre  of Antwerp. Our favorite restaurant ‘Yadan’ with the same concept where we eat at least every 2 months was closed on the 1st of January.
We are a fan of the ‘all you can eat’ concept restaurants but not of the buffet concept. Luckily this restaurant has a menu card and a form where you can mark which dish you would like to eat. Kaiseki offers sushi and Japanese grill. The staff was nice and the food was tasty.


Eating miso soup


Miso soup and sushi

As Kaiseki is situated in a cinema complex we went, ofcourse, to the cinema! We chose the movie ‘Gone Girl’ and it left us speechless at the end. This movie is crazy! If you like drama, thriller and a story line with a twist this is definitely a must see!

Ab wheel

One of my goals for 2015 is to get visible abs before the end of May. This is because I’m going on a holiday to hopefully sunny Ibiza and every year I felt insecure about my belly. I try to work out every day with this ab wheel:


I’m doing this since 1 month now and I’m starting to feel the sixpack already which I’m very surprised about. With this excersice you’ll see the result faster than a usual sit up excersice.
It doesn’t cost much. You can get a regular ab wheel around 10 euro at a sport shop or online at http://kijkshop.nl
At http://youtube.com you can search for some video’s how to do this ab wheel excersice the correct way.


YEY!! I’m about to write my very first post on my blog and I’m so excited about it!
My deadline was to do it at the 1st of January 2015 and I’ve kept my promise.

You must all think who is the person behind this post, so let’s introduce myself; My name is Marlies Sleehuis and I’m almost the only living person in this world with this surname. My aunt and dad have the same surname but if I will not name my children the same, then I’m the last one on planet earth! But probably I will do 🙂


I’ve been growing up in Groningen, a city in the north of The Netherlands with my mom and dad. Yes, I’m an only and was sometimes lonely child. But that also makes you a very independent woman and that brought me at the age of 19 years old in Antwerp, Belgium where I live now for more than 9 years. So yes, I’m 28 years young 🙂

I live on a ground floor apartment just outside the center of Antwerp with my partner and 3 cats and I currently work full time as a front desk employee in a wonderful hotel in Antwerp City. I have studied tourism and recreation in Groningen so this job fits well with my study.

I love beauty, lifestyle, design, food, travel, musicals and books so that’s what my blog will be about. And a little bit about my own life ofcourse!